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Vietnamese Appetizers

1. Cha Gio $4

Crispy Pork Spring Rolls, Ground Pork, Carrots, Onions, Bean Thread Noodles & Taro Wrapped in Crispy Spring Roll Skin and Served with our House Special Vietnamese “Nuoc Cham” Sauce

2. Cha Gio Chay $4

Crispy Vegetarian Spring Rolls with Shredded Veggies, Taro and Bean Thread Noodles

Goi Cuon $5

Fresh Shrimp and/or Pork Fresh Rolls Wrapped with Lettuce, Vermicelli Noodles, Fresh Basil, Beansprouts, in a Delicate Rice Paper Served with Creamy Peanut Sauce

4. Nem Cuon $5

Fresh Meatball Spring Rolls Wrapped in Lettuce, Fresh Basil, Cucumber in a Delicate Rice Paper Served with Peanut Sauce

5. Chim Cut Roti $8

Roasted Quail Served with Peppered Soy Dipping Sauce

6. Banh Xeo $9

Shrimp & Pork Pancake, Pan-seared Crispy Crepe Stuffed with Shrimp, Pork, Sweet Onions and Beansprouts Served with Nuoc Cham Sauce

7. Banh Xeo Chay $9

Vegetarian Pancake, Pan-seared Crispy Crepe Stuffed with Tofu & Veggies

8. Tom Cuon Chien Don $7

Crispy Shrimp Rolls (6) Wrapped with Wonton Skin Deep-Fried to Golden Crisp and Served with Nuoc Cham Sauce

Vietnamese Soups & Salads

9. Wonton Soup $5

Delicate Shimp & Pork Wonton Dumplings in Clear Chicken Broth Sprinkled with Scallions & Cilantro

10. Soup Bo Vien $5

Vietnamese Beef Meatballs in Clear Beef Broth Topped with Scallions & Cilantro

11. Goi Ngo Sen $6

Shrimp and Pork Lotus Stem Salad, Shredded Lotus Rootlets, Pickled Carrots & Daidon, Shallots, Roasted Peanuts Served With Nuoc Cham

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